The Five Most Terrifying Weapons For Sale at Eurosatory 2012

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Just because the US is the worldwide leader in military might doesn't mean the other world powers are just sitting on their thumbs. No. We're designing and building our own weapons systems, then selling them at trade shows like Eurosatory 2012, the world's largest military weapons expo.

Held in Paris from June 11th - 15th, Eurosatory 2012 hosted 120 delegations and 34 national vendors, including a rapidly growing contingent from Asia and the Middle East. Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Turkey and UAE all presented for the first time this year.

"Western armed forces generally, and land forces in particular, are facing significant cuts in capability," Mark Phillips, head of land warfare for the defense think tank Royal United Services Institute, told FoxNews. "The expanded participation by Russia and China was therefore a challenging juxtaposition: These countries ... are increasingly producing high specification equipment." And here are five of their most intimidating systems, below. [FoxNews]


China's Sky Dragon

The Sky Dragon is a SAM system with a 31-mile range and an 80-percent shoot-down efficiency. The system is reputedly capable of aiming 12 interceptors simultaneously and can track up to 140 concurrent inbound threats. Image: TRIS



Switzerland's Piranha 5

General Dynamics does more than just build bridges, it builds the ass-kicking, name-taking APC's that roll across them. The Piranha 5 is an 8-wheeled, 20-tonne troop carrier. It totes up to eight soldiers over land and sea, defending them with a 30mm auto-cannon mounted on top of the vehicle. Image: Defense Update


Russia's Saiga-12 shotgun

Made by Izhmash, the Saiga-12 is designed for law enforcement. Beyond standard and Magnum rounds, the Saiga-12 can also fire less-than-lethal bean bags and rubber buckshot.


Russia's "Terminator" Tank

Overkill doesn't begin to describe the Uralvagonzavod BMPT, it's more like an armory with treads—four Ataka anti-tank missile launchers, a 7.62 machine gun, dual 30-mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers and a two-man turret with dual 30mm cannons on top.


Russia's Orsis Sniper Rifle

While it may not be able to drop a Taliban fighter from a mile and a half, the Orsis T-5000 precision sniper rifle is among the most accurate in the world, winning this year's Sniper World Cup. It's available in both .338 Lapua Magnum and .308 Winchester versions.