The Government's Slipped the Ability to Scan Your Postcards and Mail Into Its Draft Super-Snooper Bill

By Sam Gibbs on at

The internet isn't the only thing the government wants to monitor with its back-from-the-dead super snooper bill -- it seems it also wants to scan all your post cards and mail. Apparently it isn't planning to actually enact the law, but it's written there, bold as brass.

If activated, it could require the Royal Mail to scan and save anything and everything written on the outside of letters, postcards and anything else you get through the mail for 12 months. That doesn't include the inside of mail of course, but your postcards are fair game. You do still send and receive postcards, right?

Somehow I think that'd push up the price of the already expensive mail. Maybe the government is secretly trying to kill off the Royal Mail. The post is struggling to make money as it is, let alone when it has to fork out for all the scanners, hard drives and computer systems to store it all. Sneaky government, pretty sneaky. [BBC]

Image credit: Big Brother from Shutterstock