The iPhone 4 Is Getting Left Out In the Cold

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple busted out a lot of evolutionary features last night at WWDC, including iOS 6. Apple's ditched Google for its built-in Maps app on the iPhone, and finally brought turn-by-turn directions, plus a fancy new 3D "Flyover", but only if you've got an iPhone 4S.

Yes the iPhone 4, and even the iPhone 3GS, is getting some flavour of iOS 6, but not everything is equal for the older phones. Just like the horrendous iOS 4 update that crippled the iPhone 3G and left it without multitasking, plus other pivotal iOS 4 features, nothing but the iPhone 4S is getting the full package.

I can kind of understand that the iPhone 4 and below might not have the graphical horsepower to push those 3D building for Flyover, but turn-by-turn directions? TomTom runs just fine, on even the iPhone 3GS, and isn't it supplying the maps for Apple?

Is this another case of Apple cutting off the older models to try and sell newer ones? If that was true you'd almost expect the iPhone 4S not to get them too, but then that would be a really bad move for customer relations -- I'd probably be cheesed-off enough to dump iOS and go with one of the lust-worthy new Android phones.

Whatever Apple's reason, iPhone 4 owners will be left high and dry for Maps; let's just hope that's all they'll miss out on. [9to5Mac]