The La Boite Audio Desk Makes Your Average Laptop Stand Look Like a Cheap Toy

By Sam Gibbs on at

Furniture that's also tech seems to be all the rage at the moment, what with Ikea's TV-come-shelf thing. How about a desk-like laptop stand that packs Parisian style with some serious high-end audio punch?

The LD series from La Boite combines the design-lead styling of a boutique Parisian design house with high-fidelity speakers, into a neat, retro-looking laptop docking station-come-desk.

The LD120 and its bigger brother the, LD130, both pack USB sound cards with Burr Brown DACs to hook your laptop up to seven separate speakers, enveloping you in your choice of tunes. Two speakers fire at a 45-degree angle into the wall to reflect the sound back out and around you, while four front-facing speakers barrel the beats right into your midriff and down-firing sub rattles your bones.

The whole caboodle has been custom designed for optimum sound fidelity, which you'd expect considering the hefty price tag of £870 for the LD120, and the LD130 topping out at an eye-watering £1,290 from Selfridges and Conran.