The Next Facebook Might Come Out Of the BBC

By Sam Gibbs on at

The BBC wants in on all this new-fangled internet startup fun the American's seem to be having. It's set up a new "startup incubator" called BBC Worldwide Labs, which aims to spit out the next Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest, but from the UK.

The startups will be given six month's worth of support within the BBC Worldwide team, including sales, marketing, and legal mumbo jumbo. 18 just-born companies will be selected, battling it out for five spots this year, almost like an Apprentice without the threat of Lord Sugar held over you.

BBC Worldwide Labs will officially open its doors later this week in the heart of Tech City at Google's Shoreditch campus. It's about time we got some decent tech nurturing this side of the pond. The Americans are all over it like a rash at the moment, so why can't the next big thing be British? [PCMag]

Image credit: Coffee Lover from flickr