The Pirate Bay's All For Censoring BitTorrent Links On Google

By Sam Gibbs on at

The RIAA wants search engines like Google to censor links to BitTorrent sites, which sounds just as insane as blocking them at the ISP level to me. Contrary to what you might assume though, The Pirate Bay is actually all thumbs-up for it.

Apparently The Pirate Bay only gets about 10 per cent of its traffic from search engines. If Google et al were forced to block BitTorrent site links, TPB reckons that it'll actually get a traffic boost rather than a decline:

“Users will go directly to us instead and use our search instead. We’ll grow even more massive. It’s really hard to compete with Google, but if they can’t index media search engines like us, we’ll be the dominant player in the end.”

The Pirate Bay, probably quite rightly, reckons that if you can't search for BitTorrent sites through Google, then as the biggest name in BitTorrent, more people are likely to go to TPB directly. Makes sense, if you can actually plug in and get there, but for us Brits that'll be a tad harder with the recent blockades. Then again it's not that hard to plug in an IP address into your address bar instead, right? [TorrentFreak]