The Starship Enterprise Was Properly Huge

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever wondered how our real life spacecraft like the recently announced Excalibur Almaz, and the SpaceX Dragon size up against the most famous of sci-fi spaceships? They're puny, truly puny. Even NASA's venerable Space Shuttle looks like a bug on the windshield of Star Trek's Enterprise.

The thing is, that Enterprise even looks a little on the small side to me. Then again, the only thing that gets remotely close to the same scale is the ISS, but even that is truly dwarfed by the Star Trek classic. Looking at the rest of the spacecraft, either in development or from the past, they're all pretty titchy compared to the recently retired Shuttle. Apart from the British-made Skylon that is, if it ever gets made. [Supernova Condensate via BoingBoing via iO9]

As a bonus, here's a remixed version via doctorheredoctor with with even more spacecraft comparisons.

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