The Strangest Wine Bottle In the World Is Also the Most Expensive One

By Jesus Diaz on at

It may look like a nuclear warhead or part of an exotic anti-matter weapon, but it's actually a bottle of wine — a glass and metal cone containing 750 milliliters of the most expensive wine in the world sold directly from a winery.

Made by Penfolds — an Australian vineyard — its name is 2004 Block 42 and each bottle costs a brain spinning £107,000-odd.

Why is it so expensive? First: there are only 12 bottles of this liquid. Then, it is made from the grapes of a single Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, which Penfolds claims has the oldest continuously producing vines in the world. And finally: because they know there are 12 suckers that will buy it. [Penfolds via Wired]