This AR-15 Monster Rifle from Hell Comes Loaded with 9 Magazines, 3 Lasers, 3 Red Dot Sights and More

By Casey Chan on at

Man hero Iraqveteran8888 from YouTube just posted a video showcasing a monster AR-15 rifle that looks more like a mini-fighter jet than a gun. It's been customised with nine 30-round magazines; three lasers; three red dot sights for 100, 200 and 300 yards; four flashlights and a gunk of other human-destroying, earth-squashing fairy dust.

There's a very, very high chance that this rifle could be the baddest weapon on the planet. The guys who customised the rig even admit that they might of "went a little too far" with tweaking this riflegod but I'm not mad at them. It's so ridiculous it's awesome.

I'm not even sure what you could add to the rifle to make it even more intimidating. More magazines? An axe? Nuclear weaponry? Whiskey? A beer koozie? [YouTube]