This Awesome New Full Total Recall Reboot Trailer Makes Arnie Look Like a Proper Lame Duck

By Sam Gibbs on at

OK, when I heard they were rebooting Total Recall, visions of a cheesy red faced Schwarzenegger cam flooding back. Thankfully the new trailer has totally eradicated that mess-of-a-movie -- this looks truly epic sci-fi action at its best.

I'm not the biggest fan of Colin Farrell, apart from In Bruges of course, but even he doesn't look like he can ruin this. If the movie is anything as good as this trailer, it'll be a modern sci-fi action romp to rule them all. It's even got serious looking robots attempting to rip you limb from limb goodness sake, plus a three breasted lady thrown in for good measure. The only problem is, with Kate Beckinsale trying to hunt you down and kill you, who'd want to run away?

Just over two months to go for a UK release. With this and the Dark Knight Rises heading our way soon, I think I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the darkness of the cinema while the Sun is supposedly shining outside. [YouTube via TotalFilm]