This Blade-Thin Carbon Fiber Table Looks Like It Might Fall Over

By Mario Aguilar on at

If you want to make your guests feel very uncomfortable sit them down at this absurd dinning room table. The 3.7-metre-long carbon fibre table only stands up on one leg. How is that even possible?

The ostentatiously-named Monolito and Megalito by British designer Jules Sturgess looks mighty precarious. But its dramatic, angled design is actually what allows the table to seemingly defy the laws of physics. It's anchored to the ground by a huge slab from which the tabletop's support juts up at an obtuse angle, giving the structure enough leverage to keep the it from collapsing. The table also gradually narrows down to just five millimetres thick.

Monolito and Megalito is limited to a run of just 25 tables, and you'd better start saving your pennies if you're interested because carbon fiber ain't cheap. [Jules Strugess via Born Rich]