This Simple Petrol Pump Nozzle Screen Could Save Millions of Litres of Dripped Fuel

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Spilling petrol on your shoes after you fill your car seems like just a small annoyance. But it happens to everyone, and apparently all that wasted fuel adds up to about half a billion litres of fuel lost every year. An epidemic this simple mesh cap promises to solve.

Created by a Canadian company called Dram Innovations, the Fuel Nozzle Drip Retainer might not have the catchiest name, but its benefits alone will easily sell the product. It attaches to the end of a standard petrol pump nozzle and like the aerator on the faucets in your home, it prevents the last drops of fuel from dripping out.

Of course, a small amount of the fuel it saves will evaporate and be lost, but the design still retains about 89 percent of the petrol that would have otherwise dripped out. And while it means an end to shoes smelling like gasoline, in theory the saved fuel could also mean cheaper prices at the pumps. Because we all know that oil companies like passing savings onto the consumer, right? [Dram Innovations via Gizmag]