Three Wants a Fiver a Day for its European Roaming Bundle

By Gary Cutlack on at

We've recently seen O2 and Vodafone launch their EU-wide roaming packages, designed to comply with new guidelines about not ripping off customers too much when they're on their hols. Now Three has come out with the details of its own, pricier option, called the Euro Internet Pass.

Three is asking travelling users for £5 a day in order to unlock access to their bundled minutes, text and data while abroad, which is quite a chunk more that the £3 required to unlock cross-Europe access through Vodafone.

However, there's one pretty good bit of news for those on one of the network's popular "All You Can Eat" unlimited data tariffs, as the £5 fee also includes the same infinite internet access while on the EU mainland. So you'll be able to spend your entire holiday on the internet.

If you've activated international roaming on your account, Three will send you a text link to activate the feature once your phone first roams to a glamorous-sounding EU network. Once activated, this grants access until midnight each day. Sadly it won't cover tethering a laptop, not unless you can successfully mask it. [Three]

Image credit: Beach mobiles from Shutterstock