Turn Your Instagram Photos Into a Lovely iPad Case

By Mario Aguilar on at

You love your Instagram photos, but if they've got a drawback it's that they're awfully intangible. Now you can turn them into a beautiful case for your iPad.

Casetagram, the same company that earlier brought us Instagram iPhone cases will now make you an iPad case of your own design out of your Instagram photos. You simply login to the site using your Instagram account and choose black, white, or transparent as your base color. Then, you pick the photos you'd like to put on the case, and the company will print one up for you. The Casetagram iPad case costs £35 including free international shipping—that's a small price to pay to rescue your photos from the digital ether. Just please, don't consider this any sort of endorsement of taking pictures with your iPad. [Casetagram via Mashable]