Two New Amazon Tablets on The Way to Battle Nexus 7 Threat

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon is said to be working on two new versions of its Kindle Fire tablet, a larger 10" model with a quad-core processor, plus a reworked update of its 7" tab made with upgraded materials.

According to BGR, Amazon's engineers are said to be planning a more prestigious, upmarket metal finish for its future 7" Kindle Fire update, with the tablet set to be given a tougher, metallic case to do away with the cheap plastic of the original. Both this and the new 10" Kindle tablet are said to include Micro-USB connectors plus a mystery hole that may well be an HDMI output, with the 10" model also coming with a front-facing camera.

Hopefully we'll skip the first-gen Kindle Fire and head straight into the higher-spec new models, should Amazon launch its Android hardware here alongside its Appstore later this summer, as releasing the original Kindle fire against the cheap, quad-core Nexus 7 would be a bit of a silly thing for Amazon to do. [BGR]