UK Police Forced YouTube to Remove 640 Terrorist Videos in Just Half a Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems terrorists love YouTube just as much as the rest of us. Google's been forced to remove around 640 videos and terminate five accounts related to terrorism, after complaints from UK anti-terror police.

Google revealed the takedown requests in its latest Transparency Report, which big G uses to show how it's complying with state actions. Interestingly, Google didn't cave in to all requests though; it rejected many other nation state requests for censorship, mainly linked to political or parody videos.

One such video was of a Canadian pissing on and flushing his Canadian passport down the toilet -- something Canda's passport office took great offence to. Overall, Google complied with 68 per cent of court orders and 43 per cent of informal requests over the last half of 2011. It just goes to show Google's not a pushover when it comes to censorship, even when faced with a court order. [Google via BBC]

Image credit: Rego - from flickr

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