UK's Best-Selling Soundbar Shrinks In Size

By Kat Hannaford on at

I do like a good British success story, and Orbitsound seems to have struck gold with its soundbar docks. Taking the formula of the larger T12, the company has created the smaller T9 for teensy TVs or gaming-dedicated systems. But kept the iPod dock, just in case you have a hankering for something other than the 'Stenders theme-tune.

The neat thing about Orbitsound's products is how they boom the audio out in all directions -- calling it spatial sound technology, there's no typical "sweet spot," with the two 2.5" mid-high drivers and one 1" tweeter located at the front, and two 1" midrange spatial generators on either side.

Made from lacquered wood and measuring 30cm lengthwise and 9.4cm in depth and height (plus 6.5" for the included subwoofer), it can draw from sources including an iPod or iPhone (charging as well), plus optical, AUX and phono. On sale mid-July for £200, it comes in black and white options. [Orbitsound]