Underground Wi-Fi Faster Than the UK House Average

By Jon Partridge on at

Perhaps surprising to many, especially compared with the multitude of various delays the underground suffers, it turns out that the Tube Wi-Fi is quite the speed demon, with actual decent download speeds that are faster than the nation's average speed.

As earlier this month when a bunch of London tube stations had their temporarily-free Virgin Media-powered Wi-Fi flicked on, commuters have made use of their fast pass-through the station to get a quick glimpse of Wi-Fi goodness before they jumped on a departing train, but for the less hurried among us, people sticking around the stations may find they have quite the quick connection available.

Research has looked into the actual speeds available, and has shown that cramped commuters might find their connection a bit faster than the paltry 7.6Mb average at home. With a 12.7Mb connection being the average among the stations, users can utilise the bandwidth available to stream some sporting events or just catch up on their YouTube subscriptions.

Whether or not these speeds will stay constant is unknown, and who knows if the wave of tourists caused by the Olympics will have an effect on the speeds available. Let's just hope they are still fast for when the service goes paid after the Olympics though, as angry paying customers definitely won't be happy. [TechEye]

Image credit: Tube from Shutterstock