Vodafone Lets You Access Your UK Calling Plan Across Europe, for £3 a Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vodafone has joined O2 in offering a new cross-Europe mobile data and calling option, designed to help put an end to the sheer terror we feel upon landing in another country and imagining how ludicrous our next phone bill will be should we dare check Twitter in a moment of weakness.

For £3 a day Vodafone's EuroTraveller tariff gives those on its network full access to their UK contract allowances, with your text message, calling minute and even mobile data bundle accessible from whichever glamorous airport EasyJet has just dumped you in, for this one-off daily charge.

It's a pretty simple system. You're only charged on the days you actually use your phone, plus there's no cost for receiving calls or texts while out there, so you can tell the catsitter not to worry about ringing you, either. All you have to do is contact Vodafone to opt in and away you literally go. [Vodafone via TechWeek]

Image credit: Phones on the beach via Shutterstock