Watch Google's Awesome Skydiving Mid-Air Project Glass-Powered Hangout For Yourself

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google busted out the coolest tech demo ever at Google I/O last night -- a mid-air Google+ hangout powered by Google Glass. Now you can watch mind-blowing thing in action for yourself, and get a peak behind the scenes of a pre-presentation jump. This is what Google Glass was born for.

I have to say, as a way to show off a wearable computer, that was an absolutely genius idea. Yeah, Google Glass might be the future of personal wearable computers, but I want them strapped to every extreme sports star there is so we can all just enjoy the ride without risking broken bones and serious injury. Hell, imagine watching a goal from the perspective of Rooney, Ronaldo or even the goalkeeper -- that'd be amazing. [Google]