Watch Steve Wozniak Talk About the Good Old Times at Apple -- Because He's Just Awesome

By Jesus Diaz on at

Listening to Woz during dinner and at the Gizmodo Gallery opening was some of the most enjoyable time spent of my life. His stories were absolutely fascinating. And not only the ones about The Other Steve, but all the technical stuff that he did back in the good old times, where computers were still fun and simple.

If you have a few free minutes today, listen to him talking at the North East Ohio Apple Corps in 1984, just after the launch of the Macintosh. No matter whether you are an old nerd who grew up using his computers in the 80s — like myself — or a new nerd who doesn't know what a floppy disk is, you will love his anecdotes from a time long gone by. They don't make them like this anymore, people. [Thanks Tony!]