What Do You Think of Apple's Announcements?

By Kat Hannaford on at

What a night. Apple showed its mid-2012 cornucopia, impressing with the world's highest-res laptop display; its own Apple Maps service; new Ivy Bridge MacBook Airs, and Siri for the iPad. Not to mention a tonne more juicy foodstuffs, all of which you can see below.



- Apple’s Next Generation MacBook Pro Has the “World’s Highest-Resolution Notebook Display” > Read more.
- Apple’s New Ivy Bridge MacBook Air Has Up to a Whopping 512GB of Flash Storage > Read more.
-Final Cut Pro X Is Being Updated for Retina-Screen MacBook Pros > Read more.
- Smaller Apple MagSafe 2 Chargers Are Skinnier, And Probably Expensive as Hell > Read more.
- “Power Nap” for Apple Syncs Your Computer While It Sleeps > Read more.
- The Mac Pro Lives! Apple Has Resurrected One of its Most Venerable Lines > Read more.



- iOS 6: New Features Coming Soon to Your iPhone and iPad > Read more.
- Apple Has Its Own Maps with Turn-by-Turn Navigation, 3D, and Tonnes More > Read more.
- Siri Might Actually Be Incredibly Useful Now > Read more.
- Siri Is on iPad with iOS 6 > Read more.
- iOS Vs. Android Fragmentation: Apple Users Stay Current > Read more.
- iOS 6 Gives You Amazing Control Over Which Calls You Receive > Read more.
- Passbook Is the Beginning of Mobile Payments On iOS > Read more.


Mountain Lion and iCloud

- OS X Mountain Lion Coming With Dictation and Deeper iCloud Integration > Read more.
- iCloud Floats a New Feature Set > Read more.



- Apple Drops a New Airport Express With AirPlay, and Thunderbolt Accessories > Read more.
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Image Credit: Cornucopia from Shutterstock