Who Steals a Cigarette the Size of a Telephone Pole?

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Missing: 10-foot long, 150-pound wooden cigarette. Last Seen: the front yard of American and Silver Spring, Maryland resident Jeannie Roule. If you have any information: contact local authorities right away.

The piece was one a favourite among the many in Roule's front yard. The FDA employee and her husband have a penchance for quirky yard art, including a yellow upright ladder and a parking meter.

"I personally want to say this was planned," Roule said. "You have to make sure you have enough guys. You have to make sure you have a pickup truck." That's because the giant cigarette started out as an actual telephone pole and at 10-feet long, is out of the league of normal teenage pranks. It was also planted in the ground with a concrete base and secured with heavy metal brackets.

The couple plan to file a police report—seriously, where are you going to hide something like that?—but hope that the thieves have a change of heart and return the artwork on their own accord. [Washington Post]