Why Bother With a Fridge When Your Beer Can Chill Itself

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve seen crummy self-heating coffee cups, but now we've got something actually useful -- a beer can that goes from tepid to ice cold in just two minutes, and it's just launched in the UK.

The ChillCan is already in use in the US, but has just been launched in the UK by Professor Clift from the University of Surrey. There's no CFCs here; it simply uses carbon dioxide generated from coconut shells, which is trapped within an aluminium pod in the base of the can. Press a button and the CO2 is released, evaporating rapidly and cooling the can by 15 degrees Celsius in just two minutes. Apparently, it's actually more environmentally friendly than storing it chilled in a fridge too -- I guess that kind of depends on how long you keep it on ice though.

Look out for this on store shelves containing your beverage of choice later in the year. I don't know about you, but a pack of these beauties could make my next BBQ in the park a hell of a lot frostier. [Daily Mail]