Will the iPhone 5 Come With Wireless Charging?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's just been awarded a whole raft of new patents that make for some interesting reading. Wireless charging seems like it's on the cards with a new inductive charging dock -- now that really would be an awesome addition to the iPhone 5.

Knowing Apple though, we'll have to pay a fair few quid extra for said fancy dock; it's not exactly like there'll be one in the box now is it? Whether this will really end up in the iPhone 5, we won't know until Tim Cook pulls the thing out of his pocket later this year, but maybe that's why Apple's gone with a two-tone back?

Also in Apple's new patent bundle of joy is a load of new scrolling, rotating and multi-touch patents, which look like the kinds of weapons patent lawyers salivate over. I can see yet more excruciatingly annoying patent lawsuits in Apple's future. [Patently Apple]