Windows Phone 8 Might Finally Make NFC Payments Happen

By Brian Barrett on at

Your phone replacing your wallet. That's the promise of NFC; payments made with a wave of your handset. The only problem? Despite Google's — and now Apple's — best efforts, it hasn't happened yet. But Windows Phone 8 might finally usher in the future we've been waiting for.

Microsoft's solution, in fact, combines Google's NFC payment options and Apple's membership card scheme, keeping all of your third party apps and services in one place. The Windows Phone 8 NFC plans even take Google Wallet a step further, by getting carriers onboard and putting your private information on "secure SIMs," instead of the phone itself. Why's that important? Some carriers have had a rocky relationship with Google Wallet in the US, going so far as to block it from device launches. Get everyone on the same page early, and you've got yourself a unified platform.