Woman From Newcastle Shows Us Why Having a Bank Name as Your Twitter is Just a Bad Idea

By Sam Gibbs on at

When you're thinking up a Twitter name for yourself, it's probably best not to pick a company name. It's not because said company will come after you, but it's users might when things go tits up.

With all the trouble Natwest has been having of late, it's no wonder irate customers took to Twitter to vent their frustration. The only problem is that @Natwest isn't Natwest the bank; it's Natalie Westerman, a 22-year-old teacher from Newcastle.

Despite putting "natwestnotthebank" and "I'm a 22 year old woman and I'm not a bank" in her Twitter bio, poor Westerman has been thoroughly abused by irate tweets since the real Natwest went down last week, taking people's paycheques, cards and accounts with it.

So, just like "theashes", it's probably best to check your Twitter handle isn't a commonly associated name with a company, sport or public mental underachiever that might insight hatred. I'm just amazed Natwest didn't attempt to claim it off her before now. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Computer shock from Shutterstock