Your Bank Screwed? It's Not Just You, Natwest is Borked

By Sam Gibbs on at

The "helpful bank" is having issues. Legions of its customers have been reporting problems; from debit cards to online banking, it looks like everything is screwed.

The biggest problem Natwest seems to be having is that something is preventing people from getting paid on time. Considering we're all a bit skint at the moment, not getting paid on time could cause real issues -- it would for me, that's for sure. Online banking also seems to be borked, with account balances failing to update and certain services totally inoperable. Some customers are also complaining about their cards not working at the tills or the cash machine, leaving them short of beer money -- something we, thankfully, haven't been able to replicate.

Apparently other RBS group banks, including Ulster Bank are also suffering. Natwest admitted that it was facing some "technical issues" and that it was "working hard on a fix", which you would bloody well hope so too. Natwest were on a bit of a wining run, what with an actually useful banking app, and allowing you to do cardless cash withdrawals -- such a shame it's going to ruin it all by getting between you and your post-work relief beverage. [BBC]

Image credit: Bank from Shutterstock