Your Broadband Buggered too? BT's Having Issues

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like Natwest isn't the only one having issues today -- BT's broadband network seems to be screwed in London, the South East and other areas including Glasgow, after it was totalled by a "massive outage", which took out its own ISP service and others on its network.

It's unknown precisely what's causing the issue, but The Register points to reports indicting that BT's Faraday telephone exchange is at least partly to blame. Unfortunately, ISPs that rely on BT's network are also being impacted, with many customers cut off from the internet entirely -- oh the horror.

BT's taken to Twitter to try and keep people up to date, while it's status page shows no less than four current outages. Anyone here been cut offline -- assuming you've resorted to your phone for your mid-afternoon Giz fix? Thank goodness there's football on tonight -- it seems my standard Netflix and LoveFilm session will be totally borked thanks to BT. [The Register]

Image credit: Engineer from Shutterstock