Your iPhone Is Lying to You Every Time You Fire Up an App

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever wondered why apps seem to load so damn quickly on the iPhone 4S? A quick tap and boom, the app flashes up onto the screen. The thing is, that's actually a lie, your app hasn't loaded yet. And your iPhone tells that porky each time you fire up an app.

Apparently what the iPhone does is show you a static, non-functional picture of the app the moment you tap the home screen icon. The app then loads in the background, normally pretty quickly on the iPhone 4S at least, but it's by no means as instant as it appears. A new picture is generated every time you close an app -- the image that shrinks away when you exit to the home screen -- which is then used each time you hit that app icon.

Let's face it, It's not really a big deal in day-to-day usage. But, if you've ever used an older iPhone and wondered why the program is just so unresponsive on launch, it's because you're actually stabbing at a static image with your pudgy fingers, rather than the real deal. Sneaky Apple, real sneaky. [Cracked]

Thanks Darrell!