Your Text Messages Not Getting Through? O2 Has Crapped Out For Some People

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems O2's been suffering issues with its network for the last 24 hours. Text messages are apparently bouncing with an infuriating "network out of order" message.

A spokesperson for O2 told The Telegraph that the bug is only affecting "a few thousand" pay-monthly users, but not pay as you goers. We've tested a pay-monthly O2 SIM and can confirm at least one text message has gone through, so it's not clear quite how many people are really being caught short by this. It's enough to get people to complain on Twitter at least.

Let us know if you've seen any issues, either on O2 or one of its MVNOs like GiffGaff or Tesco Mobile. [Twitter via The Telegraph]

Image credit: Angry from Shutterstock