11 Incredible Escape Pods

By Oobject on at

Seriously, it's always the slowest ones that go down with the ship/flying aircraft carrier/Death Star. That's why our friends at Oobject have assembled the 12 best ways to bail out—and fast.

And while you're making your great escape, be sure to check out dummies going splat in these 10 ejection seat test videos; these 15 human-cocoons (the best kind of human-something hybrid), and some bubble cars—the escape pods of the road.

EXINT underwing pod for inserting or extracting special forces operatives.

Miles M.52 transonic research aircraft escape pod.

Convair B-58 Hustler escape pod.

F-111 Aardvark detachable cockpit escape pod.

NASA rocket capsule escape system. If you ever wondered what the tiny rocket at the top of NASA rockets since the Apollo era, was, they fire to eject the capsule in the event of a launch emergency.

Floating hotel in former oil platform escape pods.

NASA space station escape pod.

Japanese survival pod.

10-person submarine escape pod.

Submarine escape pod being lowered into position.

Airplane safety body passenger compartment.

Cargo ship escape pod.