A 10m Ethernet Cable For Just £1.23 Is Your Emergency-Wi-Fi-Outage-Internet-Connection-Backup Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Are you looking for a new washing line or something to tether an animal carcass to the roof of your car? Don't bother with traditional ropes or washing lines – let Ethernet cable be your more affordable friend instead!

Right now, you can bag yourself ten metres of ethernet cable for a staggering £1.23. If you've got a larger carcass, a 20 metre cable is only £2.34 and for those of you with the kind of tethering needs that we can't even mention on a family site like this, a THIRTY metre Ethernet cable is just £2.94. Oh yeah, you can also use it to transfer your internets from one location to another as well if you need a non-wireless solution. BORING.


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