A Layer of Insole Gel Promises To Make This Mattress as Comfy as Your Favourite Trainers

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Riding high on its success with gel shoe inserts, Dr. Scholl's expanding its comfort empire with a line of Technogel sleep accessories covered in the same blue goo that you slide into your shoes—promising a comfy and cool night's sleep.

The grid of polyurethane cubes on top of this mattress not only mould to your body to help evenly distribute its weight, they also form ventilation channels allowing cool air to flow under your body—evaporating sweat and lowering the temperature of the mattress by at least a couple of degrees. It's like the entire sleeping surface is the cool side of your pillow. Unlike the £15 set of gel insoles for your shoes, Dr. Scholl's Technogel mattresses are only sold as single units, ranging in price from £1,800 up to £3,200 depending on the size and style you need. But who can put a price on a good night's sleep? [Dr. Scholl's Technogel via Coolest Gagdets]