A Pair of Cordless Landline Phones Is Your "My Landline Will Never Fail Me, Unlike O2" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

In case you haven't heard, O2’s mobile network has gone completely haywire over the past 24 hours, affecting tens of thousands of customers who have lost their ability to make calls or use 3G.

Somehow they've ALL been able to get online and whine about it on social media though, so hurrah for technology. Perhaps we should treat this as a lesson and consider abandoning the whole idea of mobile phones, returning to the trusty landline instead. If you fancy a piece of that action, you can get a pair of cordless handsets with a built-in answering machine contraption for the meager sum of only £12.00 right now. You'll forget you ever even had a mobile phone...


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