A WD TV Live Mini Streaming Box Is Your "Acquired"-TV-Show-Player Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Remember when telly used to be simple? You'd switch it on, have three channels to choose from and 98 per cent of it was utter crap. Thank god for the future then...

Nowadays, we, ahem, 'acquire' our television programmes from all kinds of different, erm, 'sources', store them on various devices and watch them at our leisure. Such is the way of the world. Why not fire them all into the face of your telly box for maximum gawpage via a WD TV Live box thing. You can watch movies, catchup TV, YouTube and even Facebook via it, plus it'll play all manner of 'acquired' content in a variety of formats, from USB sticks, external hard drives or computers positioned around your home (via Wi-Fi). In short, it’s a miracle machine, and it's only £73.00 at the moment, pretty much as cheap as it's ever been.


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