After the Tremendous Success of Date a Gamer, Meet Shag a Gamer

By Sam Gibbs on at

What do gamers not get a lot of, other than sunlight? Yeah, sex, probably. The founders of Date a Gamer, having managed to score dates for nerds everywhere, have taken things to their despicably logical conclusion -- Shag a Gamer.

Yes, there's really a site dedicated to getting gamers laid -- no strings attached adult fun with both male and female nerdy gamers in mind:

"We play host to thousands of single gamers who want nothing more than a quick shag. If you're feeling lonely or you want a like-minded companion tonight -- this is your site."

Seriously? The site boasts instant access to hot gamer guys and girls, although I guess "hot" really depends on your point of view. Is that just hot for a nerd? You can sign up right now for a penny shy of 20-quid a month, but who knows what you'll actually get for your money.

Something tells me the people on the inside aren't going to be like the people on the outside (or up top). Actually, just the thought of pictures of the kinds of people that would be desperate enough to join this type of sordid site makes me feel a bit queasy. Shag a gamer? Errr, no thanks. [Shag a Gamer via MCV]