Amazing Lightning-Fast Reactions When Avoiding 150MPH Crashes are Why Racing Drivers are Paid So Much

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you've ever had a near-miss on the motorway at 70mph you'll know just how terrifyingly little time you really have to react. Now take that, double the speed; add torrential rain and spray that means you basically can't see anything, and try and react this quick. That's one truly insanely close call.

I'm amazed that having just narrowly missed an all mighty crash, this Formula 2 driver was then able to control the car's slide in the wet, and bring it back on track. This guy must have balls of absolute steel to keep his cool. [YouTube via Jalopnik]

Update: A oneĀ Dino Zamparelli, said racing driver of the above clip, has been in touch to say that his driving exploits in the pouring rain were from Spa in Belgium -- good to know it's not just us that gets terrible weather.