Amazing Near-Death Experience for London's Highest Window Cleaner

By Gary Cutlack on at

This amazing video shows the risks of what can happen when you're cleaning windows, particularly when the windows in question are around 300 metres above the streets of London.

Emergency services were called into action after the cradle being used by a worker up around the building's 72nd floor became unstable. And "unstable" is putting it mildly, as the video shows the suspended platform was wildly flapping about like the tail of a doggy at dinner time.

Engineers fixed the cradle by hauling it up to lessen the flailing and brought the man inside down safely. A spokesman for building contractor Mace, which is putting the finishing touches to the Shard ahead of its official opening later this week, said: "The engineer in the cradle was fine after a nice cup of coffee."

Those working in and around the Shard claim the chap was actually fiddling with the external structure of the building rather than polishing its glass. Hopefully he's selling his "My Brush With Death" story to a tabloid as we speak. [Guardian]