Amazon Shakes Up Its Store For Rumoured Tablet Expansion

By Jon Partridge on at

Amazon is often keen to roll out design updates to the main flagship US site and leave the other regions behind in the dust, but in the wake of the rumour that a couple of Kindle tablets may be on their way, Amazon has updated the UK site to accommodate a fetching new design and plenty of room for expansion.

Of course, the basic core design elements are still in place -- after all, it is the same Amazon that we all know and love/hate. Or love to hate. Only, with a few different offerings in place, such as LoveFilm, Amazon draws focus to the bits and bobs that the US site does not have and is proud to champion on its (slightly) younger UK brother. The new layout also seems to be catered to the touch-screen crowd, with an improved user experience and focus on larger buttons, means a better experience across a variety of platforms, specifically mobile devices.

The Kindle Fire is still expected to launch here in the coming months, and the new layout could possibly suggest that it's shortly on its way, as there leaves much room for a couple more devices to be slotted in. The app store expansion is also a sign that they could be on the way.

Amazon is keen on European operations, as the company is launching their new digital media office in London, and I expect them to get the Kindle Fire out as soon as they can.

I have been unable to access the new layout on my end, but the below screenshot seems to echo the American website. [TheNextWeb]