An Incomplete List of Discussion Topics from the Forums of Lady Gaga's New Social Network

By Molly Oswaks on at

Mother Monster Lady Gaga launched the beta version of her own social network,, back in May. Now, the free-to-join social networking site is open to the public, allowing fans of the performer to connect and communicate in discussion forums, share news items, and post Gaga-related items in a Pinterest-like manner.

Here is an incomplete list of some of the most popular discussion topics to sprout up so far:

- What's a little repeatable experience that you cherish?

- Is it necessary to judge someone on their sexuality?

- I'm new to this!

- I am a proud HomoSEXUAL!


- Today is the Independence Day of Argentina

- Who Want the Monster Pit Key!?

- Hating just to hate


- How Free is Your Hair?

- Affffffffffffffffffffffffff

- Tumblr!

- Awewsome!

- Instagram

- Wow, this is a freaking awesome monster network!

What, exactly, qualifies a "freaking awesome monster network"? Have there been others? Will this one last? How free is your hair? I don't know. Afffffffffffffffffffffff

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