Andrew W.K. Unveils an Ace Custom Pizza Guitar

By Jon Partridge on at

Yes, you read that right: everyday "party hard" dude Andrew W.K. has created a custom guitar that looks like a pizza. And it looks as awesome as it sounds. In fact, it's freakin' awesome.

Announced on Pitchfork TV (in a pizza parlour, of course), Andrew showed off his dream guitar -- a custom New York Style Pizza Supreme Deluxe creation -- which is a collaboration between himself and ESP. He handpainted the guitar itself, which features extra-spicy garlic marinara sauce, double-mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms and jalapeƱos and of course, some ESP guitar guts to perfectly shred on.

The pizza guitar itself made its first live debut on stage during the "I Get Wet" 10th Anniversary Tour during the spring, to which Kerrang named the Pizza Guitar "The greatest guitar of all time". Rightly so. Check out the video above, which shows Andrew W.K chugging down beer, eating pizza and shredding on the Pizza Guitar in all its glory at the 1:36 mark. [PitchforkTV via TheRockFather via @michaelrundle]