Anonymous Declares All-Out-War On Paedophiles

By Sam Gibbs on at

Everyone's favourite hacking collective seems to be on a crusade for good of late. First having a go at Syria, and now setting child abuse firmly within its crosshairs. OpPedoChat aims to take down child porn hubs and expose their members to the wrath of police and the internet.

100 domains are now on the hit list, which supposedly host forums that act as playgrounds for paedophiles. Data dumps have already started appearing on Pastebin, exposing alleged abusers' email and mailing addresses, so it looks like Anonymous really isn't holding back.

While I've seen Anonymous do things that I haven't agreed with, I'm pretty sure OpPedoChat is something we can all get behind. My hat goes off to them -- ridding the world of child abuse is truly a worthy cause. [YouTube via The Register]