Apple Claims This Prototype Means It Didn't Copy Sony

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Last week, it came to light that Samsung was planning to attack Apple based on the fact that its iPhone design copied Sony products—and the evidence was convincing. But now the Verge has uncovered Apple's response, which suggests there were convincing iPhone prototypes kicking around well before the Sony-esque model was dreamt up.

In a document filed to the courts by Apple, the company points to a prototype device, pictured above, which was codenamed "Purple". It bears plenty of similarity to the iPhone we know, and Apple claims it predates the Sony-style device that came to light last week by months.

The Purple was, apparently, first shown off within Apple back in August 2005. What's more, the court document claims that Shin Nishibori's Sony-inspired design was just "an 'enjoyable' side project". Which may well be the case! But it's for the court to decide exactly how important each design was in contributing to the iPhone that finally made it to market.

If that's not enough iPhone design for you, then All Things D has compiled a gallery of all the prototype iPhone designs and renders that have appeared in the recent legal documents. [Verge]