Apple Facing 30-Day Italian Shutdown Over Warranty Fight

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple's Italian division is facing the crazy prospect of having all of its Apple Store branches closed for 30 days, as punishment for repeatedly ignoring local consumer protection laws and trying to sell punters extended warranties.

The conflict is based around the compulsory two-year warranty Italy expects electronics firms to offer alongside their purchases. Apple is obviously more keen on selling people AppleCare extended warranties when they buy one of its iThings, which has led local trading standards authorities to claim Apple's deliberately not telling Italian buyers about the standard warranty in order to make money from selling its own plan.

Rightly rather outraged about this, Italian authorities have already fined Apple around £720,000 for failing to comply with local warranty rules, and is now threatening to stick another £240,000 on top of that and ban its stores from opening for 30 days in a renewed push for compliance.

Apple has 30 days in which to hand over the money, or continue playing hard ball and see if the Italians will actually go through with the shutdown threat. [The Register]