Apple Forks Out £38m to Make Proview's "iPad" Go Away

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's had quite a fight on its hands over the iPad in China. Trouble was, there was already an "iPad" in China made by a company called Proview. After several legal skirmishes getting nowhere fast, Apple's been forced to pay off Proview to the tune of £38 million. Ouch.

Apple already partially owned Proview's trademark for the "iPad", after buying it from Proview's Taipei branch. However, the Shenzhen Proview branch wouldn't budge, forcing iPads off the shelves in mainland China. At least now there shouldn't be any more legal fights over Apple's China invasion plans. Well, until someone else crawls out of the woodwork for a piece of the Apple money-pie.

I guess £38 million is almost pocket change to Apple, especially when you think about all the rich Chinese that will be clamouring for the latest and greatest out of Cupertino each year. It is made there for goodness sake; it seems a little silly not to be able to sell it there too. [BBC]