Apple's Slapping Down iOS 6 Beta Sellers Raking In £50,000 Each

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's release of major iOS upgrades in beta-form only to developers a couple of months ahead of general release has generated a cottage industry of sorts. People with developer accounts sell access to the betas, but Apple's seriously not happy about it, and is pulling the proverbial plug on the rogue "developers".

A load of sites that were advertising UDID activations -- essentially registering iPhones, iPod touches and iPads on a developer account -- and access to the iOS 6 beta files, have seen the angry side of Apple's lawyers.

Last year Apple just took to terminating developer accounts, which left all those with beta firmwares installed in the lurch. This year it seems it's going after the sites themselves, and no doubt the developer accounts too for a double whammy.

Mind you, considering some developers are making in the region of £50,000 by selling access to the beta, I'd say the risk was worth it. Now, if Apple just released the betas for the more adventurous among us to fiddle with, it could kill it all off in one hit -- fat chance that'll ever happen though. [MacStories]

Image credit: Judgement from Shutterstock