Are Apple's New Ads Dumb and Horrible?

By Sam Biddle on at

Apple has new ads out, and because Apple is a special company, we all care. Also, Apple's ads tend to be well executed, occasionally bizarre in a charming way, and often Zooey. But this time? Ehhhh?

The "Genius" series of spots is a pretty stark 180 degree slide from the haute marketing reached with Malkovich and Deschanel's dabbles with Siri. Suddenly it's the mid/late 2000s again, and a goofily affable dude is trying to sell us Macs. He's not annoying like Justin Long, but the gist of the ad is still, with little verve, that users don't know how to use their computers. Is the objective here to make the Geniuses look vaguely superior? To make Mac users look somewhat dim? Both? Are either of those appealing? Would either of those make you want to buy an Apple? Do you feel stupid? Is this stupid?