BBC Olympics App Goes Live On iPhone and Android With 24 Live Streams

By Jon Partridge on at

Released yesterday, the Beeb's Olympics app lets iPhone and Android users stream live action straight to their devices with a whopping 24 streams to take a peek at. Spoiled for choice, eh?

The free app gives you straight forward access to the various different streams that the BBC is broadcasting, letting you choose your sport of choice alongside various news stories, video highlights and text commentaries that are also available inside the app. A virtual medals table also lets you see where we are in the table as well as seeing who's actually on top. An in-built calendar also keeps you updated on what's happening so you don't miss any single bit of action.

For iPhone users the app requires iOS version 5.0 or later installed to be used, whilst the Android version requires a bit of Flash and Android 2.2 or later. iPad users will miss out on the dedicated application, but can access the full optimised BBC Olympic website via Safari. Similarly, BlackBerry owners will have to make do with a shortcut to the site too.

Obviously, the app isn't much use until the games go live later this month, but feel free to sit down with the app loaded, twiddling your thumbs and patiently waiting for the first game to start. [Cnet]