BBC Sport App Now on Facebook, Red Button Content Pops Up Everywhere Else

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is seriously upgrading its virtual services in time for the Olympic explosion, launching a Facebook app that grants live access to its sporting feeds, along with the usual "like" tools for bothering people with news about what you're watching.

As with the recently launched BBC Sport video player, the Facebook app offers multi-stream capabilities similar to what we see via the 'Red Button' during moments of exciting major sport, and will allow bored office workers to smash their internet connection to pieces by flicking between all 24 of the BBC's simultaneous Olympic live streams, once the sport circus kicks off.

As well as this, the Beeb has launched a custom BBC Sport app for PlayStation3, which, although currently tagged as a beta by Sony Europe, offers the same superb streaming features as the Facebook app and the BBC's own site, through Sony's games machine.

And as if that wasn't enough, the BBC has also announced plans for something it's calling the "Connected" Red Button, a new take on offering interactive content. The idea being that instead of opening a new window on your TV, connected Red Button services will be able to ping additional content and links to your phone, tablet or PC, for viewing later. [BBC Internet Blog & Techradar]